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The Ronin Camera is a high-performance dual camera product that integrates both a standard high-resolution 1080p video camera and a FLIR Thermal Imaging camera.  The complete system is installed in a strong waterproof ABS case designed for remote motion detection and image capture of animals, people, bicycles, and vehicles.  The batteries, SD card, and all other elements necessary for outdoor use are all included in the compact case. Solar panels and longer range antennas sold separately.


In addition, the Ronin Camera contains a powerful radio transceiver that allows for remote live viewing and sending “alerts” when motion is detected.  The radio can send images and videos up to 9 miles away (*) to a Ronin Sentinel base station which forwards the alert by text or email completely free to the user. (* radio distance depends on antenna and terrain, see below)

For permanent installations, a solar panel or wall power connected to a camera can make it last indefinitely.  In battery only mode, batteries typically last 8-12 months or up to 35,000 images.


* See PRODUCTS page to learn more about the specification of radio needed and solar panel.

Ronin Camera

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ultra-low power motion detection Passive IR sensor 80’ to 100’ away or FLIR up to 200’ distance.
    Adjustable sensitivity, debounce, and FLIR zone of detection.
  • High speed SD Card slot supports up to 2TB cards.  Swap cards at any time without restarting.
  • Fast trigger time of 0.1 sec in Large Solar/Wall power modes, 0.5 sec in Small Solar/Batt+FLIR mode, or ~3 sec Batt Only mode.
  • Built in solar charger with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • 802.11 WiFi, USB, and Radio/Cell Modem link supported.
  • Ronin Camera Link app for Setup
  • Wide temperature range operation -20C to +85C.
  • Locking clasp with extra locking holes for padlocks and secure case strap points.
  • 6 Month manufacture warranty.

Designed and built in the U.S.A.!

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