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A traditional cellular trail camera sends images or videos through a paid-by-picture cellular connection. This means that whenever your camera takes a photo, whether an animal/person is present or not, you will be charged for that photo being uploaded to the cloud. The Ronin Camera System brings something new to the table! With the help of the Ronin Sentinel, you can link to your cameras using your own private 915Mhz radio network which does not require cell service, is free for you to use, and you no longer need to be constrained by the limitations and costs of traditional cellular cameras. You also get much more control over your cameras than most cellular based systems offer.



The Ronin Camera System offers a fresh alternative to traditional cellular trail cameras. While cellular cameras rely on expensive monthly plans and unreliable connections, the Ronin Camera System, powered by the Ronin Sentinel and a private and secure radio network, breaks free from the limitations and costs of cellular connectivity.


With this innovative solution, you can still receive real-time updates and capture footage remotely, even without the need for a monthly data plan or the need to be in cell service. This grants you greater control and flexibility over your trail surveillance cameras, ensuring successful monitoring and enhanced security.

hunters looking at cellular trail camera


The Ronin Camera system utilizes a LoRa style 915 Mhz radio system to automatically download images and videos from your cameras for free. To use this system, simply place the camera in a desired location within range of our Ronin Sentinel base station, which is connected to your network via WiFi or Ethernet. After a straightforward setup process, you can receive images and videos directly on your phone without any cost* from us within under minute.

The range of each camera is up to 9 miles from the Sentinel base station, although this distance may vary depending on terrain and antenna type. Once a camera is connected to a Sentinel, you can view live footage from the camera or adjust its settings at any time.

One of the standout advantages of the Ronin Sentinel system is its independence from reliable cell service in remote areas. Unlike many other camera systems, you won't be dependent on spotty cell reception to access your images and videos. With no need for monthly data plans and the ability to operate without being within cell range, the Ronin Sentinel is the perfect solution for remote security and hunting enthusiasts.


By using a mobile application, you can easily interact with your cameras and the Sentinel. This app allows you to quickly view the most recent images, review, edit, and share previously captured images and videos, remotely monitor live footage from any connected camera, and modify camera settings as needed.

If your cameras are located more than 9 miles away from your residence, you can still retrieve the latest images without visiting the site. The Sentinel can be taken with you and used in a mobile capacity. Simply connect the Sentinel to a power source via a charging port in your car or an external battery pack, and wait for it to connect to the cameras. You can then download new photos and videos via the radio connection without disturbing the area where the cameras are installed.

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