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We started our company 30 years ago as a engineering contractor, with our main client (over 90%) being a traffic counting company. For years we designed all aspects of traffic counters. Hardware, firmware, software and everything else that comes with designing products and new software to run those products. Our entire career we have designed products for OTHER people. Now, with the Ronin Surveillance Camera System, we are finally taking our future into our own hands, and fully designing and selling our own product. Our company holds our customers in the highest regard, and they always come first.

Our unique skills learned over years of counting traffic, cars and people alike, have given us the information we need to track movement. We have worked extensively with FLIR technology before and have perfected the art of identifying and tracking heat signatures with our custom made, extremely accurate tracking software. 


surveillance camera in tree


The Ronin Camera System is more than just a trail camera. It is a full trail surveillance camera solution. Ronin cameras utilize the latest motion detection and FLIR thermal imaging technology to capture both high-resolution photos and video in 4 different infrared camera modes.

Ronin Camera Systems have served various industries and have found a wide range of uses, including:

  • Property Surveillance

  • Livestock Management

  • Hunting & Game Detection

  • Wildlife Observation

  • Conservation Efforts

  • Outdoor Recreation

  • Pest Control

surveillance camera in tree


sentinel for surveillance camera


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