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Not all trail cameras are created equal, and selecting the right products and accessories can make all the difference in the success of your trail surveillance cameras. Ronin trail cameras aim to make it transparent for customers to understand what products are necessary to ensure their trail cameras are effective and efficient in capturing the footage they need. By understanding the technology behind trail cameras and the various options available, users can better equip themselves to achieve their surveillance goals.



The Ronin Camera is a specialized product that features two high-performance cameras, namely a 1080p video camera and a FLIR Thermal Imaging camera. It is designed to be used in outdoor settings and is enclosed in a camouflaged case that blends with the surroundings. The purpose of the camera is to capture images and videos of animals and people in the area under surveillance. To enable extended outdoor usage, the system includes batteries, an SD card, and other necessary components in a compact case.


Moreover, the Ronin Camera is equipped with either a radio transceiver or a cell modem that enables live viewing and remote alerting when motion is detected. The radio transceiver can transmit images and videos up to 9 miles to a Ronin Sentinel base station, which forwards alerts via text or email to the user free of charge. However, the cell modem version requires a monthly cellular plan fee. The transmission distance of the radio depends on antenna and terrain factors, as detailed in Antennas Explained.


For longer-term installations, the camera can be connected directly to a solar panel or wall power source to make it operate indefinitely. In battery-only mode, the batteries typically last 8-12 months or up to 35,000 images. Overall, the Ronin Camera is an effective solution for outdoor surveillance camera needs.

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