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The Ronin Sentinel is a desktop, wall mounted, or portable central base station to coordinate the activity from up to nine connected Ronin Cameras.  Users can setup new cameras, view a live image, download saved images or videos, and control their Ronin Cameras using Radio, WiFi, or a USB link.  The Sentinel handles all incoming alert messages from cameras and forwards them out for free* by email and text to specified phones or other devices.


The Sentinel also acts as a central server for the Ronin Camera Link app.  As long as you are on the same network as the Sentinel, this free app allows your Android or iOS device, Windows PC, or Mac to view the connected cameras and communicate with them through the Sentinel even when camera is linked by Radio and many miles away.  


The Ronin Camera Link app also manages the images and videos stored on the Sentinel or directly downloaded to your device from an SD card.  Users can save images or videos in various formats including the ability to create point-by-point temperature maps from FLIR images or videos.


Users typically install the Ronin Sentinel permanently to a wall or set it on a desk in a location with network access. However, it can also function as a mobile device where it is brought within radio range to one or more cameras and 12V is connected from a car or battery pack.  The Sentinel wakes up and then immediately searches for available cameras.  When a camera is found, a simple button push allows for downloading of the captured images or videos completely eliminating the need to disturb the blind, stand, or other location after the initial camera placement.

Ronin Sentinel

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Built in LCD Display with Touchscreen

  • 4GB RAM/64GB storage

  • 64-bit Windows 10 Enterprise

  • WiFi 802.11n

  • 100Mbps Ethernet Connection

  • HDMI port for connection to external monitor or TV

  • Can post camera GPS locations to increase security.

  • Portable, wall mounted, or desktop placed

  • 12V powered from wall adapter, car power adapter, or from Sentinel battery pack

  • 6 Month Warranty

  • Designed and built in U.S.A.!

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