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All Ronin Cameras come with a standard set of LiFEPO4 batteries that are excellent for solar panel or wall power recharging.  However, LiFEPO4 batteries do not contain as much energy in the same size as more traditional Lithium-Ion batteries, so the camera will not last as long in the field if you are using it in Battery Only or Batt+FLIR mode without a solar panel attached.   The downside to Lithium-Ion batteries is they do not do as well being recharged by solar or charging in fluctuating temperatures such as you have outdoors.


If you are planning to use the Ronin Camera strictly from battery power and without a solar panel, we recommend purchasing six Lithium-Ion batteries.   3 you are actively using in the camera and 3 to recharge at home to swap out whenever you need.  These batteries will last twice as long as the LiFEPO4, but they must be recharged indoors with the included charger.


One of the great things about the Ronin Camera is it is very flexible and can use either battery type.  In addition, you can swap batteries in the field at any time without having to re-program the camera!


Includes free standard shipping in the U.S.!  Note that batteries cannot be sent by air and must be delivered by ground shipping.

Six Lithium-Ion Batteries + Home Charger

Excluding Sales Tax
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