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The Ronin Camera is a high-performance dual camera product that integrates both a standard high-resolution 1080p video camera and a FLIR Thermal Imaging camera.  The complete system is installed in a camouflaged outdoor case designed for remote motion detection and image capture of animals and people.  The batteries, SD card, and all other elements necessary for extended outdoor use are all included in the compact case.

In addition, the Ronin Camera contains either a powerful radio transceiver or a cell modem that allows for remote live viewing and sending “alerts” when motion is detected.  The radio can send images and videos up to 9 miles away (*) to a Ronin Sentinel base station which forwards the alert by text or email completely free to the user.  The cell modem version requires a monthly fee cellular plan.  (* radio distance depends on antenna and terrain, Antennas Explained)

For permanent installations, a solar panel or wall power directly connected to the camera can make it last indefinitely.  In battery only mode, the batteries typically last 8-12 months or up to 35,000 images.


Image and Video Specs

Photo Camera Has Taken.jpg

Camera #1 – FLIR Thermal Imaging

  • Resolution - 160x120

  • Long Wave Infra Red (LWIR) sees at night and through fog, snow, and rain.

  • Thermal Sensitivity < 50mK

  • Multiple view types including Color Tracker, Fusion, Grayscale, etc.

  • Detect motion up to 200’ away.

  • Proprietary “Color Tracker” technology to highlight motion against the infrared field.

Camera #2 – 5 Megapixel Video

  • Record Images and/or Videos

  • Up to 1080p video with frame rate and video length settable by user

  • Auto detection of Day/Night modes with automatic IR Cut filter.

  • 96 850nm LED infrared light panel to illuminate objects up to 50’ away from the camera at night.

  • 110 degree field of view.

  • 1.4um x 1.4um pixels with OmniBSI technology

  • Automatic Exposure, White Balance, Band Filter, Black Level Calibration, and 50/60 Hz Luminance Detector

  • Auto sync to FLIR camera

2022-10-31 082933.2 Apple Trees HD.jpg

The  Ronin Trail Camera has the ability to switch between over 4 different IR Camera modes AFTER The photos has been taken.

This allows you to analyze the photo after it has been taken to be able to see the photo in a different type of setting. 

2022-10-31 082933.2 Apple Trees HD.jpg
2022-10-31 082933.2 Apple Trees HD.jpg

With this feature you can change between them 1 at a time, or view all 4 at the same time!

Viewing the images on your computer versus your phone will orient the image correctly.

The Ronin Trail Camera also has the ability to do video. Record up to 60 second videos at 1080p.

Video also has the ability to be sent over radio, and messaged to your mobile device completely free.  

Storage - Motion Detection - General Settings


UHS-I SD Card port for high speed storage. SD cards between 32MB all the way up to 2TB cards are supported. Swap cards at anytime without any setting changes or restarting.

Motion Detection

Ultra-low power passive IR detector for sensing motion up to 40'.

Motion detection through FLIR Thermal Camera up to 200'. Adjustable sensitivity, debounce, and FLIR zone of detection (decreases battery life unless solar panel connected)

General Settings

  • Fast trigger time of 0.111 sec in Large Solar/Wall Power modes, 0.5 sec in Small Solar/Batt + FLIR mode, or ~10 seconds in Batt Only mode for best FLIR image.

  • Built in solar charger with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking).

  • 802.11 WiFi, USB, and Radio/Cell Modem link supported.

  • Ronin Camera Link app for setup.

  • Wide temperature range of operation -20C to +85C.

  • Locking front panel and secure case strap points.

  • 6 Month warranty.

  • Designed and built in the U.S.A.!

Radio Specifications

Radio Specifications

  • 915 Mhz radio with 3 speed modes.

  • Sends Alerts for:

    • Motion with image or video.​

    • Low Battery.

    • Lost Link.

  • Supports wide range of antennas to allow for greater distance.​

  • U.S.A, Canada, South America, and Australia certified modules.

  • Camera range up to 9 miles in most conditions. Longer rangers possible depending on line of sight, obsticals, and antenna type, see Antennas explained, for more information.

  • Daisy chain cameras together for even greater range!

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