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Choosing the correct trail camera can be a daunting task. There are different detection distances, camera qualities, security options, trigger speeds, LTE payment plans, and lots of other options/differences between companies and cameras. The Ronin Trail Camera makes this process simple. Using the most advanced technology available and the highest quality cameras, we provide the most complete and best trail camera on the market. Two hundred foot detection range, proprietary programs to reduce false trips, FREE near instant text messaging when movement is detected, 1080p image quality, and the greatest amount of customization gives you the assurance that you are investing in the one trail camera to meet any need. 

Ronin Trail Camera Image (1024 x 1024).png


Get live images of animal movement for ZERO monthly fees

The big disadvantage to using a trail camera is the intrusiveness of the site. The main way to collect videos/photos is to physically go to the site. It's the same for changing the batteries.


This is not true for the Ronin Trail Camera, download your photos and videos up to 9 miles away and never have to change batteries after setting up a solar panel.

  • Dual Cameras:

    • Camera #1 – 5 Megapixel Video

      • Snapshot or Video Recording with programmable duration and frame rate.

      • Multiple resolutions up to 1080p supported.

      • 1.4um x 1.4um pixels with OmniBSI technology.

      • Automatic Exposure, White Balance, Band Filter, Black Level Calibration, and 50/60 Hz Luminance Detector

      • Image quality controls for: Color Saturation, Hue, Gamma, Sharpness, lens, and noise correction.

      • 110 degree field of view.

      • Night Vision mode with 96 850nm IR LED’s for up to 200’ capture in dark.

      • Auto Sync to Camera #2

    • Camera #2 – FLIR Thermal Imaging

      • Resolution - 160x120

      • Long Wave Infra Red (LWIR) sees at night and through fog, snow, and rain.

      • Thermal Sensitivity < 50mK

      • Fast time to start up (< 1.2 seconds)

      • Detect motion up to 200’ away.

      • Proprietary “Color Tracker” technology to highlight motion against the infrared field.

  • Image and Video Storage:

    • UHS-I SD Card port for high speed storage.

    • Swap cards at any time.

    • Supports any sized card from 32MB to 2TB (terabyte)

  • Dual Motion Detection:

    • Ultra-low power passive infra-red detector for sensing motion up to 40’. 

    • Motion detection through FLIR Thermal Camera up to 200’ (requires more power).

  • Alerts:

    • Able to send notifications via USB, WiFi, Radio, or Cell Modem when connected to Ronin Sentinel.

    • Alerts happen when motion is detected and includes the captured image or video.

    • Connected Ronin Sentinel can send free text and/or email alerts to any mobile device of your choosing.

  • User Interface:

    • USB Port

    • 802.11 Wireless Connection

    • Long Range 915Mhz LORA style Radio Link (to Ronin Sentinel) or Cellular Modem connection.  Radio features include:

      • Single radio range up to 12 miles depending on speed, obstructions, and antenna type (contact us for more information).  Multiple cameras can also be daisy chained together to increase range.

      • Three speeds supported to accommodate different radio ranges: Low (10 kb/s), Medium (110 kb/s), and High (250 kb/s).

      • Frequency hopping, preamble selection, and custom Network ID allow multiple radio networks to operate in the same area.

      • SMA connector for antenna or low resistance cable to external antenna.

    • Supports live view, image and video download, and camera programming through any interface.

    • Can operate alone, connected to your phone via wireless, or connected to Ronin Sentinel for maximum feature set.

    • Cellular Modem option requires monthly fee (all other options are without fees).

  • Software:

    • “Ronin Camera” app on Google Play, Apple Store, and Windows Store for communicating to cameras.

    • Supports live view, image and video downloading, and camera configuration.

    • App also supports integration with Ronin Sentinel for complete feature set.

  • Power:

    • Rechargeable battery pack (either Lithium Ion or LiFEPO4).

    • Four power modes:

      • Battery Only

      • Small Solar Panel

      • Large Solar Panel

      • Wall Power

    • Camera runs 4-6 months in lowest power mode from battery only depending on number of activations.

    • Built in solar or wall adapter battery charger with detailed battery and charger status display.

    • Solar panel battery charger has integrated MPPT (Multiple Power Path Tracking) technology for maximum solar energy capture.

  • Environmental:

    • Designed for continuous outdoor operation.

    • Temperature from -40C to +85C

  • Warranty:

    • 6 months

Photos taken by the Ronin Trail Camera

Our Camera system uses TWO cameras, one high resolution picture camera and one FLIR InfraRed camera for ultimate detection capability.

2022-09-04 200542.1 Apple Trees.jpg
2022-09-03 002338.6 Cherry Trees.jpg
Photos taken by the Ronin trail Camera

The top image is a heat scale, the camera tunes to the back ground and is able to detect changes in heat. Our advanced detection software reads these changes as an animal or person moves across the view of the camera. With this technology, the Ronin camera can detect movement up to 200 feet!

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